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sábado, 31 de julio de 2010 23:27 | 2 Comment |
Is 1/08 and is a bad way, or good, i don't know, to start a month. I don't know if i made it wrong, i don't know why i let me go. I was watching the lake house, and I wonder Why not? Why can't I? , Why I have so low spirit?. I always here, waiting. Twenty-one years old, and always waiting. Sometimes, i feel so tired to be Strong, be focus, shy ; Sometimes, like now, i don't care a shit what other people think...

I'm so tired to be right...

I don't care if i did wrong trying to fight for what i feel, today i see that i didn't made the same mistakes i did before, even if i had the same result, here i'm ...screaming to you!

Say hi, i don't care my BAD english. Its a new month... A new start of my new year...Isn't? Why can't i fight for this reason? I really want to, But I don't know how...

I need a mental break~

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